Source code for kotti.views.file

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPMovedPermanently
from pyramid.response import _BLOCK_SIZE
from pyramid.response import FileIter
from pyramid.response import Response
from pyramid.view import view_config

from kotti.resources import File

import mimetypes

[docs]class UploadedFileResponse(Response): """ A Response object that can be used to serve an UploadedFile instance. ``data`` is the ``UploadedFile`` file field value. ``request`` must be a Pyramid :term:`request` object. Note that a request *must* be passed if the response is meant to attempt to use the ``wsgi.file_wrapper`` feature of the web server that you're using to serve your Pyramid application. ``cache_max_age`` is the number of seconds that should be used to HTTP cache this response. ``content_type`` is the content_type of the response. ``content_encoding`` is the content_encoding of the response. It's generally safe to leave this set to ``None`` if you're serving a binary file. This argument will be ignored if you also leave ``content-type`` as ``None``. Code adapted from pyramid.response.FileResponse """ def __init__(self, data, request=None, disposition='attachment', cache_max_age=None, content_type=None, content_encoding=None): if data._public_url: raise HTTPMovedPermanently(data._public_url) filename = data.filename content_type = content_type or getattr(data, 'content_type', None) if content_type is None: content_type, content_encoding = \ mimetypes.guess_type(filename, strict=False) if content_type is None: content_type = 'application/octet-stream' # str-ifying content_type is a workaround for a bug in Python 2.7.7 # on Windows where mimetypes.guess_type returns unicode for the # content_type. content_type = str(content_type) super(UploadedFileResponse, self).__init__( conditional_response=True, content_type=content_type, content_encoding=content_encoding ) self.app_iter = FileIter(data.file, _BLOCK_SIZE) # assignment of content_length must come after assignment of app_iter self.content_length = data.file.content_length self.last_modified = data.file.last_modified if cache_max_age is not None: self.cache_expires = cache_max_age disp = '{0};filename="{1}"'.format( disposition, data.filename.encode('ascii', 'ignore')) self.headerlist.append(('Content-Disposition', disp))
@view_config(name='view', context=File, permission='view', renderer='kotti:templates/view/') def view(context, request): return {} @view_config(name='inline-view', context=File, permission='view') def inline_view(context, request): return UploadedFileResponse(, request, disposition='inline') @view_config(name='attachment-view', context=File, permission='view') def attachment_view(context, request): return UploadedFileResponse(, request, disposition='attachment') def includeme(config): config.scan(__name__)