Source code for kotti.views

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from kotti.views.util import RootOnlyPredicate
from kotti.views.util import SettingHasValuePredicate

[docs]class BaseView(object): """ Very basic view class that can be subclassed. Does nothing more than assignment of ``context`` and ``request`` to instance attributes on initialization. """ def __init__(self, context, request): """ Constructor :param context: Context of the view :type context: :class:`kotti.resources.Node` or descendant for views on content. :param request: Current request object :type request: :class:`kotti.request.Request` """ self.context = context self.request = request
def includeme(config): config.add_static_view('static-kotti', 'kotti:static') # deform stuff # config.include('deform_bootstrap') config.include('pyramid_deform') config.include('js.deform') # config.include('js.deform_bootstrap') # disable deform CSS autoneeding # from js.deform import resource_mapping # from js.deform import deform_js # resource_mapping['deform'] = deform_js config.add_view_predicate( 'root_only', RootOnlyPredicate) config.add_view_predicate( 'if_setting_has_value', SettingHasValuePredicate)