Source code for kotti.interfaces

from pyramid.interfaces import ILocation
from zope.interface import Interface

[docs]class INode(ILocation): """Marker interface for all nodes (and subclasses)"""
[docs]class IContent(INode): """Marker interface for all nodes of type Content (and subclasses thereof)"""
[docs]class IDocument(IContent): """Marker interface for all nodes of type Document (and subclasses thereof)"""
[docs]class IFile(IContent): """Marker interface for all nodes of type File (and subclasses thereof)"""
[docs]class IDefaultWorkflow(Interface): """Marker interface for content classes that want to use the default workflow"""
[docs]class INavigationRoot(Interface): """Marker interface for content nodes / classes that want to be the root for the navigation. Considering a content tree like this:: - /a - /a/a - /a/b (provides INavigationRoot) - /a/b/a - /a/b/b - /a/b/c - a/c The root item for the navigation will be ``/a/b`` for everey context in or below ``/a/b`` and ``/a`` for every other item. """