Default views in Kotti

In Kotti every Content node has a default_view attribute. This allows to have different views for any instance of a content type without having to append the view name to the URL.

You can also provide additional views for the default content types in your third party add on. To make them show up in the default view selector in the UI you have to append a (view_name, view_title) tuple to the type_info attribute of the respective content class via its class method add_selectable_default_view(name, title).

E.g. the kotti_media add on provides a media_folder_view for the Document content type that lists all ‘media type’ children of a Document with their title and a media player.

Registration is done like this:

from kotti.resources import Document
from kotti_media import _

def includeme(config):

                                                   _("Media Folder"))