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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

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import os
from os.path import join, dirname
from unittest import TestCase
from pytest import mark

from pyramid import testing
from import NewResponse
from pyramid.interfaces import ILocation
from zope.deprecation.deprecation import deprecate
from zope.interface import implementer
import transaction

# re-enable deprecation warnings during test runs
# however, let the `ImportWarning` produced by Babel's
# `` vs `localedata/` show up once...
from warnings import catch_warnings
with catch_warnings():
    from babel import localedata
    import compiler
    localedata, compiler    # make pyflakes happy... :p

# py.test markers (see
user = mark.user

BASE_URL = 'http://localhost:6543'

[docs]class Dummy(dict): def __init__(self, **kwargs): self.__dict__.update(kwargs)
[docs]class DummyRequest(testing.DummyRequest): is_xhr = False POST = dict() user = None referrer = None def is_response(self, ob): return (hasattr(ob, 'app_iter') and hasattr(ob, 'headerlist') and hasattr(ob, 'status'))
def asset(name): import kotti return open(join(dirname(kotti.__file__), 'tests', name), 'rb') def includeme_login(config): config.add_view( login_view, name='login', renderer='kotti:templates/') def includeme_layout(config): # override edit master layout with view master layout config.override_asset( to_override='kotti:templates/edit/', override_with='kotti:templates/view/') def login_view(request): return {} def dummy_search(search_term, request): return u"Not found. Sorry!" def testing_db_url(): return os.environ.get('KOTTI_TEST_DB_STRING', 'sqlite://') def _initTestingDB(): from sqlalchemy import create_engine from kotti import get_settings from kotti.resources import initialize_sql database_url = testing_db_url() get_settings()['sqlalchemy.url'] = database_url session = initialize_sql(create_engine(database_url), drop_all=True) return session def _populator(): from kotti import DBSession from kotti.resources import Document from kotti.populate import populate populate() for doc in DBSession.query(Document)[1:]: DBSession.delete(doc) transaction.commit() def _turn_warnings_into_errors(): # pragma: no cover # turn all warnings into errors, but let the `ImportWarning` # produced by Babel's `` vs `localedata/` show up once... from babel import localedata localedata # make pyflakes happy... :p from warnings import filterwarnings filterwarnings("error") def setUp(init_db=True, **kwargs): # _turn_warnings_into_errors() from kotti import _resolve_dotted from kotti import conf_defaults tearDown() settings = conf_defaults.copy() settings['kotti.secret'] = 'secret' settings['kotti.secret2'] = 'secret2' settings['kotti.populators'] = 'kotti.testing._populator' settings.update(kwargs.get('settings', {})) settings = _resolve_dotted(settings) kwargs['settings'] = settings config = testing.setUp(**kwargs) config.add_default_renderers() if init_db: _initTestingDB() transaction.begin() return config def tearDown(): from kotti import events from kotti import security from kotti.message import _inject_mailer # These should arguable use the configurator, so they don't need # to be torn down separately: events.clear() security.reset() _inject_mailer[:] = [] transaction.abort() testing.tearDown()
[docs]class UnitTestBase(TestCase):
[docs] def setUp(self, **kwargs): self.config = setUp(**kwargs)
[docs] def tearDown(self): tearDown()
[docs]class EventTestBase(TestCase):
[docs] def setUp(self, **kwargs): super(EventTestBase, self).setUp(**kwargs) self.config.include('')
# Functional ---- def _functional_includeme(config): from kotti import DBSession def expire(event): DBSession.flush() DBSession.expire_all() config.add_subscriber(expire, NewResponse) def _zope_testbrowser_pyquery(self): from pyquery import PyQuery return PyQuery( self.contents.replace('xmlns="', '')) def setUpFunctional(global_config=None, **settings): from kotti import main import wsgi_intercept.zope_testbrowser from webtest import TestApp tearDown() _settings = { 'sqlalchemy.url': testing_db_url(), 'kotti.secret': 'secret', 'kotti.site_title': 'Website des Kottbusser Tors', # for mailing 'kotti.populators': 'kotti.testing._populator', 'mail.default_sender': 'kotti@localhost', 'pyramid.includes': 'kotti.testing._functional_includeme', } _settings.update(settings) host, port = BASE_URL.split(':')[-2:] app = main({}, **_settings) wsgi_intercept.add_wsgi_intercept(host[2:], int(port), lambda: app) Browser = wsgi_intercept.zope_testbrowser.WSGI_Browser Browser.pyquery = property(_zope_testbrowser_pyquery) return dict( Browser=Browser, browser=Browser(), test_app=TestApp(app), )
[docs]class FunctionalTestBase(TestCase): BASE_URL = BASE_URL
[docs] def setUp(self, **kwargs): self.__dict__.update(setUpFunctional(**kwargs))
[docs] def tearDown(self): tearDown()
def login(self, login=u'admin', password=u'secret'): return '/@@login', {'login': login, 'password': password, 'submit': 'submit'}, status=302, ) @deprecate('login_testbrowser is deprecated as of Kotti 0.7. Please use ' 'the `browser` funcarg in conjunction with the `@user` ' 'decorator.') def login_testbrowser(self, login=u'admin', password=u'secret'): browser = self.Browser() + '/edit') browser.getControl("Username or email").value = login browser.getControl("Password").value = password browser.getControl(name="submit").click() return browser
[docs]@implementer(ILocation) class TestingRootFactory(dict): __name__ = '' # root is required to have an empty name! __parent__ = None __acl__ = [('Allow', 'role:admin', ALL_PERMISSIONS)] def __init__(self, request): super(TestingRootFactory, self).__init__()
def dummy_view(context, request): return {} def include_testing_view(config): config.add_view( dummy_view, context=TestingRootFactory, renderer='kotti:tests/', ) config.add_view( dummy_view, name='secured', permission='view', context=TestingRootFactory, renderer='kotti:tests/', ) def setUpFunctionalStrippedDownApp(global_config=None, **settings): # An app that doesn't use Nodes at all _settings = { 'kotti.base_includes': ( 'kotti kotti.views kotti.views.login kotti.views.users ' 'kotti.views.view'), 'kotti.use_tables': 'principals', 'kotti.populators': 'kotti.populate.populate_users', 'pyramid.includes': 'kotti.testing.include_testing_view', 'kotti.root_factory': 'kotti.testing.TestingRootFactory', 'kotti.site_title': 'My Stripped Down Kotti', } _settings.update(settings) return setUpFunctional(global_config, **_settings) def registerDummyMailer(): from pyramid_mailer.mailer import DummyMailer from kotti.message import _inject_mailer mailer = DummyMailer() _inject_mailer.append(mailer) return mailer # set up deprecation warnings from zope.deprecation.deprecation import deprecated # noqa for item in UnitTestBase, EventTestBase, FunctionalTestBase, _initTestingDB: name = getattr(item, '__name__', item) deprecated(name, 'Unittest-style tests are deprecated as of Kotti 0.7. ' 'Please use pytest function arguments instead.')