Login / logout and forbidden views and forms.

class kotti.views.login.UserSelfRegistered(object, request=None)[source]

This event is emitted just after user self registered. Intended use is to allow addons to do some preparation for such user - create custom contents, nodes etc. Event handler object parameter is a Principal object

class kotti.views.login.RegisterSchema(*arg, **kw)[source]
kotti.views.login.login(context, request)[source]

Login view. Renders either the login or password forgot form templates or handles their form submission and redirects to came_from on success.

Result:Either a redirect response or a dictionary passed to the template for rendering
Return type:pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPFound or dict
kotti.views.login.logout(context, request)[source]

Logout view. Always redirects the user to where he came from.

Result:Redirect to came_from
Return type:pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPFound
class kotti.views.login.SetPasswordSchema(*arg, **kw)[source]

Schema for the set password form

password = None


token = None


email = None


continue_to = None


kotti.views.login.set_password(context, request, success_msg=u'You have reset your password.')[source]

Set password view. Displays the set password form and handles its form submission.

Parameters:success_msg (str or TranslationString) – Message to display on successful submission handling
Result:Redirect response or dictionary passed to the template for rendering.
Return type:pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPFound or dict
kotti.views.login.forbidden_redirect(context, request)[source]

Forbidden redirect view. Redirects to the login form for anonymous users or to the forbidden view for authenticated users.

Result:Redirect to one of the above.
Return type:pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPFound

Forbidden view. Raises 403 for requests not originating from a web browser like device.

Return type:pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPForbidden

Forbidden view for browsers.

Result:empty dictionary passed to the template for rendering
Return type:dict