Source code for kotti.views.image

Views for image content objects.

import PIL
from plone.scale.scale import scaleImage
from pyramid.response import Response
from pyramid.view import view_config
from pyramid.view import view_defaults

from kotti.interfaces import IImage
from kotti.util import extract_from_settings
from kotti.views.file import UploadedFileResponse

PIL.ImageFile.MAXBLOCK = 33554432

#: Default image scales
image_scales = {
    'span1': [60, 120],
    'span2': [160, 320],
    'span3': [260, 520],
    'span4': [360, 720],
    'span5': [460, 920],
    'span6': [560, 1120],
    'span7': [660, 1320],
    'span8': [760, 1520],
    'span9': [860, 1720],
    'span10': [960, 1920],
    'span11': [1060, 2120],
    'span12': [1160, 2320],

[docs]@view_defaults(context=IImage, permission='view') class ImageView(object): """The ImageView class is registered for the :class:`IImage` context.""" def __init__(self, context, request): self.context = context self.request = request
[docs] @view_config(name='view', renderer='kotti:templates/view/') def view(self): """ :result: Empty dictionary to be handed to the template for rendering. :rtype: dict """ return {}
[docs] @view_config(name="image") def image(self, subpath=None): """Return the image in a specific scale, either inline (default) or as attachment. :param subpath: [<image_scale>]/download] (optional). When 'download' is the last element in subpath, the image is served with a 'Content-Disposition: attachment' header. <image_scale> has to be one of the predefined image_scales - either from the defaults in this module or one set with a kotti.image_scales.<scale_name> in your app config ini file. :type subpath: str :result: complete response object :rtype: pyramid.response.Response """ if subpath is None: subpath = self.request.subpath width, height = (None, None) subpath = list(subpath) if (len(subpath) > 0) and (subpath[-1] == "download"): disposition = "attachment" subpath.pop() else: disposition = "inline" if len(subpath) == 1: scale = subpath[0] if scale in image_scales: # /path/to/image/scale/thumb width, height = image_scales[scale] if not (width and height): return UploadedFileResponse(, self.request, disposition) image, format, size = scaleImage(, width=width, height=height, direction="thumb") res = Response( headerlist=[ ('Content-Disposition', '{0};filename="{1}"'.format( disposition, self.context.filename.encode('ascii', 'ignore'))), ('Content-Length', str(len(image))), ('Content-Type', str(self.context.mimetype)), ], body=image, ) return res
def _load_image_scales(settings): image_scale_strings = extract_from_settings( 'kotti.image_scales.', settings) for k in image_scale_strings.keys(): image_scales[k] = [int(x) for x in image_scale_strings[k].split("x")] def includeme(config): _load_image_scales(config.registry.settings) config.scan(__name__)