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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

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import os
from os.path import join, dirname
from unittest import TestCase
from pytest import mark

from pyramid import testing
from import NewResponse
from zope.deprecation.deprecation import deprecate
import transaction

# re-enable deprecation warnings during test runs
# however, let the `ImportWarning` produced by Babel's
# `` vs `localedata/` show up once...
from warnings import catch_warnings
with catch_warnings():
    from babel import localedata
    import compiler
    localedata, compiler    # make pyflakes happy... :p

# py.test markers (see
user = mark.user

BASE_URL = 'http://localhost:6543'

[docs]class Dummy(dict): def __init__(self, **kwargs): self.__dict__.update(kwargs)
[docs]class DummyRequest(testing.DummyRequest): is_xhr = False POST = dict() user = None referrer = None def is_response(self, ob): return (hasattr(ob, 'app_iter') and hasattr(ob, 'headerlist') and hasattr(ob, 'status'))
def asset(name): import kotti return open(join(dirname(kotti.__file__), 'tests', name), 'rb') def includeme_login(config): config.add_view( login_view, name='login', renderer='kotti:templates/') def includeme_layout(config): # override edit master layout with view master layout config.override_asset( to_override='kotti:templates/edit/', override_with='kotti:templates/view/') def login_view(request): return {} def dummy_search(search_term, request): return u"Not found. Sorry!" def testing_db_url(): return os.environ.get('KOTTI_TEST_DB_STRING', 'sqlite://') def _initTestingDB(): from sqlalchemy import create_engine from kotti import get_settings from kotti.resources import initialize_sql database_url = testing_db_url() get_settings()['sqlalchemy.url'] = database_url session = initialize_sql(create_engine(database_url), drop_all=True) return session def _populator(): from kotti import DBSession from kotti.resources import Document from kotti.populate import populate populate() for doc in DBSession.query(Document)[1:]: DBSession.delete(doc) transaction.commit() def _turn_warnings_into_errors(): # pragma: no cover # turn all warnings into errors, but let the `ImportWarning` # produced by Babel's `` vs `localedata/` show up once... from babel import localedata localedata # make pyflakes happy... :p from warnings import filterwarnings filterwarnings("error") def setUp(init_db=True, **kwargs): # _turn_warnings_into_errors() from kotti import _resolve_dotted from kotti import conf_defaults tearDown() settings = conf_defaults.copy() settings['kotti.secret'] = 'secret' settings['kotti.secret2'] = 'secret2' settings['kotti.populators'] = 'kotti.testing._populator' settings.update(kwargs.get('settings', {})) settings = _resolve_dotted(settings) kwargs['settings'] = settings config = testing.setUp(**kwargs) config.add_default_renderers() if init_db: _initTestingDB() transaction.begin() return config def tearDown(): from kotti import events from kotti import security from kotti.message import _inject_mailer # These should arguable use the configurator, so they don't need # to be torn down separately: events.clear() security.reset() _inject_mailer[:] = [] transaction.abort() testing.tearDown()
[docs]class UnitTestBase(TestCase):
[docs] def setUp(self, **kwargs): self.config = setUp(**kwargs)
[docs] def tearDown(self): tearDown()
[docs]class EventTestBase(TestCase):
[docs] def setUp(self, **kwargs): super(EventTestBase, self).setUp(**kwargs) self.config.include('')
# Functional ---- def _functional_includeme(config): from kotti import DBSession def expire(event): DBSession.flush() DBSession.expire_all() config.add_subscriber(expire, NewResponse) def _zope_testbrowser_pyquery(self): from pyquery import PyQuery return PyQuery( self.contents.replace('xmlns="', '')) def setUpFunctional(global_config=None, **settings): from kotti import main import wsgi_intercept.zope_testbrowser from webtest import TestApp tearDown() _settings = { 'sqlalchemy.url': testing_db_url(), 'kotti.secret': 'secret', 'kotti.site_title': 'Website des Kottbusser Tors', # for mailing 'kotti.populators': 'kotti.testing._populator', 'mail.default_sender': 'kotti@localhost', 'pyramid.includes': 'kotti.testing._functional_includeme', } _settings.update(settings) host, port = BASE_URL.split(':')[-2:] app = main({}, **_settings) wsgi_intercept.add_wsgi_intercept(host[2:], int(port), lambda: app) Browser = wsgi_intercept.zope_testbrowser.WSGI_Browser Browser.pyquery = property(_zope_testbrowser_pyquery) return dict( Browser=Browser, browser=Browser(), test_app=TestApp(app), )
[docs]class FunctionalTestBase(TestCase): BASE_URL = BASE_URL
[docs] def setUp(self, **kwargs): self.__dict__.update(setUpFunctional(**kwargs))
[docs] def tearDown(self): tearDown()
def login(self, login=u'admin', password=u'secret'): return '/@@login', {'login': login, 'password': password, 'submit': 'submit'}, status=302, ) @deprecate('login_testbrowser is deprecated as of Kotti 0.7. Please use ' 'the `browser` funcarg in conjunction with the `@user` ' 'decorator.') def login_testbrowser(self, login=u'admin', password=u'secret'): browser = self.Browser() + '/edit') browser.getControl("Username or email").value = login browser.getControl("Password").value = password browser.getControl(name="submit").click() return browser
[docs]class TestingRootFactory(dict): __name__ = '' # root is required to have an empty name! __parent__ = None __acl__ = [('Allow', 'role:admin', ALL_PERMISSIONS)] def __init__(self, request): super(TestingRootFactory, self).__init__()
def dummy_view(context, request): return {} def include_testing_view(config): config.add_view( dummy_view, context=TestingRootFactory, renderer='kotti:tests/', ) config.add_view( dummy_view, name='secured', permission='view', context=TestingRootFactory, renderer='kotti:tests/', ) def setUpFunctionalStrippedDownApp(global_config=None, **settings): # An app that doesn't use Nodes at all _settings = { 'kotti.base_includes': ( 'kotti kotti.views kotti.views.login kotti.views.users'), 'kotti.use_tables': 'principals', 'kotti.populators': 'kotti.populate.populate_users', 'pyramid.includes': 'kotti.testing.include_testing_view', 'kotti.root_factory': 'kotti.testing.TestingRootFactory', 'kotti.site_title': 'My Stripped Down Kotti', } _settings.update(settings) return setUpFunctional(global_config, **_settings) def registerDummyMailer(): from pyramid_mailer.mailer import DummyMailer from kotti.message import _inject_mailer mailer = DummyMailer() _inject_mailer.append(mailer) return mailer # set up deprecation warnings from zope.deprecation.deprecation import deprecated # noqa for item in UnitTestBase, EventTestBase, FunctionalTestBase, _initTestingDB: name = getattr(item, '__name__', item) deprecated(name, 'Unittest-style tests are deprecated as of Kotti 0.7. ' 'Please use pytest function arguments instead.')