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Locale-specific normalization of titles to URLs

Kotti normalizes document titles to URLs by stripping away language specific characters like umlauts or accented characters. This is often undesirable. If you want a locale-specific normalization of titles, you have to configure the package plone.i18n which is used by Kotti for the normalization task.

To configure plone.i18n, you have to use ZCML. Fortunately, plone.i18n comes with normalizers for many different locales, so you often don’t have to implement one by yourself. You simply have to activate them by loading plone.i18n‘s main ZCML file.

ZCML configuration is not supported out of the box, you first have to install the pyramid_zcml package. To load plone.i18n‘s configuration, you also have to install the package zope.browserresource.

Let’s assume that you put all your project’s configurations, overridden templates, static files, and so on in a distinct package, which generally is good practice. Add both required packages to the dependencies in you, which should also include Kotti and extensions you want to use.

You can then load plone.i18n‘s configuration via a ZCML file. For this, create a file configure.zcml (or whatever name you prefer) like this:

<configure xmlns="">
  <include package="pyramid_zcml" />
  <include package="zope.browserresource" file="meta.zcml" />
  <include package="zope.browserresource" />
  <include package="plone.i18n" />

To load your configure.zcml on startup, you have to add a startup hook. For example, simply add the following function to your package’s module:

def includeme(config):

Setup your locale and the hook with the following settings in your INI file:

pyramid.default_locale_name = de_DE
pyramid.includes = mypackage.includeme

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